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Drainage Problems and Solutions

Wet or leaky basements in Vancouver… Wet soggy yards or lawns

are common drainage problems, and here are their solutions.
With all the rain in Vancouver area, it’s important to keep your yard, perimeter, or home drainage clean and maintained.

  1. Problem: Collapsed drain tile, root & dirt filled tiles, and clay combined with red oxide.
    Solution:  Excavate the problem tile and replace it with perforated plastic 4” pipe and add roof drains to sump or affected area.  Call our Vancouver drain tile repair specialists.
  2. Problem: A big “O” pipe, which easily collapses under dirt and rocks when the house is backfilled.
    Solution:  Replace big “O” with plastic 4” pipe in affected area
  3. Problem: Backfill from the surrounding hardpan is put on your drainage and walls, which do not allow your water to easily go down to your drainage system
    Solution:  Remove backfill and fill with drain rock
  4. Problem: Pipe is graded wrong, has no slope
    Solution:  Change the grade of the pipe to the proper slope of 1/16 inch for every 10 feet
  5. Problem: Little or no drain rock
    Solution:  At least 1 foot of drain rock is recommended. Remove backfill and fill with drain rock
  6. Problem: Pipe is not laid below the floor at the high point of the house
    Solution:  Lay pipe below the floor
  7. Problem: Cracked walls leading to basement leaks and mold on the walls
    Solution:  Excavate where the crack is then xypex the crack, backfill with drain rock to grade
  8. Problem: Tiles are not caulked with waterproofing
    Solution:  Xypex and waterproof
  9. Problem: Blocked storm line
    Solution:  Send an inspection camera down the line to see where it is blocked, then excavate or hydro-flush
  10. Problem: Red oxide
    Solution:  Hydroflush with high pressure jettings

Do you have any of these problems?  Why not contact a Vancouver drainage contractor and specialist to repair or waterproof your wall, basement or other leaks in Vancouver area. Neway Drainage provides quality drainage solutions for less than many other drainage companies.

We’re ready to come assess your situation, and give you an estimate cost to fix wet soggy lawns, damp basements, and other problems due to poor drainage in Richmond, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Delta, Langley, New Westminster, and all Greater Vancouver.