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Drain Tile Installation, Cleaning, Repair

Most leaky basements occur from clogged drain tile in Vancouver region. Unserviced drain tiles, over years collect dirt and debris from the surrounding soil or from your roof drains. Roots and red oxide get into your gravel and clog the ability of the drain tile to carry the water to the sump and away from your house.

Another reason could be that your drain tile was laid above the height of your floor, therefore water is sitting at your cold joint and penetrating through the concrete and into your basement.

Neway Drainage has a solution for you. Our dual system perforated and solid roof drain lines, waterproofed and filled to the top with gravel, are guaranteed for 25 years. “Doing it right the first time” is our motto.   So if you need drain tile repair for basement waterproofing, wet or leaky basement solutions, call us for any of the following:

  • Drain tile inspection – with special drain camera to see right where the problem is.
  • Drain tile installation – placed with the right grading.
  • Drain tile cleaning – for best results, we use hydro-jet washing.
  • Drain tile repair – sometimes there’s just a break or crack and only 1 section needs repair.
  • Drain tile replacement – often it’s better to just replace the clogged and cracked drain tile.

Call Peter, a drainage specialist to help with drain tile inspection and cleaning in Vancouver, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, and all Metro Vancouver.